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Japanese food begins with kaiseki, and there are various types of Japanese food such as sushi, tempura and Japanese beef steak.
Do you know sushi and tempura, do you know kaiseki?

Kaiseki is a cooking course that was first started to treat guests in the world of tea ceremony. It was originally a simple one, but the number of items has increased and it is a special dish that can be enjoyed in ryokans and restaurants now.

We can guide you to a number of restaurants such as "Sushi Saito", "Tempura Kondo" and ”Kaiseki Hamadaya" which have received Michelin glory in Japan.

The number of items is large, and the amount of one item per item is small, and the skill of the Japanese craftsman and the taste of the ingredients are condensed in the one item, and it is a wonderful course dish where you can enjoy the meal until the end. When visiting Japan, it would be nice if you could spend two hours slowly enjoying Kaiseki.